A Girl Named Freedom

Do you know the Theory of the Cosmos? Let Freedom show you the way. An adventurous fast-paced week-long quest for world peace by a ten-year-old girl. How will she accomplish world peace? Teacher says the early bird catches the worm. So she gets up before dawn and looks up to the stars for an answer. How they mingle, how they twinkle in happiness. Can we not all be stars she wonders? More than a story of being kind to your planet and the humans and animals that inhabit it. But a growing up story in a time of indifference. Where she helps her dad learn to live again; and discovers the dark truth of her deceased mother. Where she is the last of the Dreamers. She is Freedom.

Published in July, 2018, A Girl Named Freedom is my first novel. Though the story is primarily for the middle-grade level, I believe most anyone can enjoy it. Though world peace may be at the heart of the quest, Freedom’s adventure leads her to ‘bigger’ questions about what’s important in life, her daily life. As she goes from one voyage to the next, she learns more about her family history, and unveils a tender story.

Filled with fantasy and drama, and through the eyes of a ten-year-old, the story aims to cope with grief by putting beside denial and instead bringing forth compassion and togetherness. It is a story of hope. A story of our Cosmos.

Where’s the digital

There is no digital, except of course if you read it on a kindle or a phone. There’s nothing to do with my job at WS Interactive, nor my professional life. It’s not a book to improve your user experience. Think of it as an excursion from the day-to-day, or maybe even an escape.

Why buy this book

If you know young children interested in fun, fantasy stories, but are mature for ‘Cosmic’ philosophical themes, then this could make a nice gift.

I believe that Freedom has a great voice for learning to live… and she’s a fun heroine to follow. Keep your eyes out. More on Freedom to come.

Publishing info

Title of ebook: A Girl Named Freedom
Author: Alex McCardell
Date of publication: 2018
Publisher: Alex McCardell
Where you can buy it: amazon.com